An overseas match.

Quite interesting is the story of this couple, a blind date being set by parents. Well, that is how Arvind and Meera met. The chemistry between Bride & Groom is not an unusual spark, but as couple their chemistry with us worked wonders. Arvind was in the US to pursue his masters and she was also there at the start of her career. Numbers were exchanged; Oh! Not the usual way but shared by their parents, to the other. Insisting that they acquaint themselves, he began with a text that ended with a Diwali wish which instantly lit a spark on Meera. As they say, love is the addiction and texting became their habitual medicine. That’s how it all started.

Team: Vignesh, Balaji Yadav, Sirajudhin, Praveen and Aaron Obed
Location: The Tamerind Tree (Bengaluru)