Rumaiza and Anas: A Dreamy Event

              When someone clicks a picture, his/her main focus is usually on the subject. A lot of attention goes into making the subject look perfect. However, the backdrop of our subject is equally important. When the background décor is done well, it makes the picture outstanding. One has to be careful about the frame and positioning of the main subject, of course, but the overall décor can make a lot of difference to the picture. The setting contributes significantly to the balance of the image. But when you have a stunning backdrop and an equally gorgeous couple, the result is a stunner. As was the case with this lovely couple we had a chance to photograph: Rumaiza and Anas.

             The background décor was impeccably done by The Dream Theme. While a great setting adds to the picture, sometimes it makes the task challenging for a photographer. It makes it tougher for him to do his best when everything around him looks so phenomenal. But we took the challenge well and with our skills and creativity, the pictures turned out to be surreal. The fact that Rumaiza and Anas make for a wonderful couple with brilliant chemistry helped us getting the desired results. Plus, their outfits and makeup were flawless too.  It was indeed a joy to be present there to make these beautiful photographs as the couple looked absolutely stunning in their dreamy outfits.